SS Logistics Co., Ltd

By efforts of labor and creativity and the application management science, SS Logistics Co., Ltd want to become a leading company in the field of providing logistics services in Vietnam as well as in the Southeast Asian region and towards Asia. Contribute to putting the brand of the Logistics Vietnam on the map of the world.



SS Logistics will become the leading enterprises of import cargo from countries to Vietnam and constantly evolving in all aspects in the field of Logistics. when comes to SS Logistics is said to peace of mind and credibility.


Most of the IMPORT-EXPORT enterprises in Vietnam do not usually feel when assigning their goods to Vietnamese forwarders / logistics companies. Therefore, SS Logistics was born with a mission to provide absolute peace of mind.

Training and Development

SS Logistics Company with the motto of human being is the core of special attention to training and development of human resources. Get people to be the center for all the activities of the company.

Business philosophy

The company puts the partner's responsibility first. So in all the stages and work processes, we put the interests of customers first. This is the criterion for the operation of the whole company. Along with the basic concepts in International Trade activities.