By efforts of labor and creativity and the application management science, SS Logistics Co., Ltd want to become a leading company in the field of providing logistics services in Vietnam as well as in the Southeast Asian region and towards Asia.



The motto “Shoulder 2 Shoulder” – rubbing shoulders. The members of the company support each other to ensure quality safety.

Activative Team

The young staff is always non-stop efforts to create more and better services.

Ensure Credibility

More than 6 years brand delivery service of SS Logistics Co., Ltd has made trust of customers domestic and abroad.

Fast Service

Handling work together quickly and effectively.


"Shoulder 2 Shoulder"
Always rubbing shoulders with you

“Door to Door” Service

In transport, “Doot to Door” is widely understood as the place where the sender receives the goods and arrives at the recipient to return the goods.


Air Freight

Arrived after other modes of transport, but now the air transport plays a very important role in international transport.


Inland Trucking

At present, domestic transport becomes an important part of the logistics. Your cargo will be transported quickly and safely.


Consolidation Service

In cargo transport, the LCL consolidation service is a service that collects individual shipments from multiple senders in one place.



No one can deny the benefits of Packaging Services. Goods will be safe to transport.


Project Cargoes

SS Logistics Co., Ltd provides services related to forwarding and transportation of goods works, projects, factory.


Sea Freight

For sea export services, we provide direct and indirect services from ports in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang .. to most destinations in the world.


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SS Logistics Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise of import cargo from countries of Vietnam. Constantly growing in all aspects in the field of Logistics. Always is the peace of mind and the prestige.