“DOOR TO DOOR” Services

In transport, “Doot to Door” is widely understood as the place where the sender receives the goods and arrives at the recipient to return the goods.

The “Door to Door” service package has the great advantage that customers do not spend time, energy, anxiety to solve many problems related to procedures, papers and transportation on the way. long.

Come with us you will receive the savings each sewing, goods will be delivered safely in place with the optimal solution.


– Competitive price.

– Plan the best time to ship to the fastest customer.

– Staff with many experiences for door to door delivery. They will advise you on how to use the combination of means for the most optimal, what kind of documents your goods need to enter the country easily, and how you are exempt from import taxes. sew,

– Provide full information about local charge, accurate geographic distance and perfect service with a wide range of reputation, reputation and top quality.

– Store, and receive goods from multiple manufacturers to combine shipping.

– You can buy insurance for any terms you deem necessary.

– You will be constantly updated information about the goods as if you are present at the scene of the goods.

– We have well equipped with knowledge and accumulated many valuable relationships and experiences, so all issues are resolved quickly and quality, customers are assured and satisfied with their services. I. We always want to maximize customer expectations when customers choose SS Logistics.

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