SS Logistics provides services related to forwarding and transportation of goods, projects, workshops from planning to implementation.

Always be valued by customers because we always aim to conquer the trust of our customers by our own expertise.


– Full range of specialized equipment:

Full of specialized equipment in this field such as crane, palang, concrete drilling machine … for the dismantling of the workshop, the dismantlement of the works, the transportation of the workshop, the waste from the works … .

– Safe:

With many years of experience specialized in project cargo transportation, the project. Goods will be transported and installed safely, conveniently whether it is oversized or the entire system of equipment to build workshops. Heavy loads of hundreds of tons can be transported by means of barges, specialized vehicles to the most difficult terrain in the most professional way.

– Accurate progress:

As long-time people in the industry we understand the load, structure as well as the method of transporting this type of goods at the same time catch the routes, coordinate different types of transport to ensure transport It is on schedule, on schedule and safe.

– Professional team:

The relocation of machinery, factory relocation is always a highly professional job combining modern specialized equipment and work procedures must be accurate to the details as a consequence of the sports. Bad action is unfathomable. With a wealth of experience and investment focused on specialized machinery and heavy equipment. We always make a difference in the quality of moving the workshop, moving the machinery that we provide … ..


– Customers contact SS Logistics.

– SS Logistics survey goods, detailed planning, quotation to customers.

– Sign service contract.

– Contract performance.

– Acceptance.

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